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Past Project in Detail

Dept of Innovation - Develop Web-based system for network user accounts


Develop Web-based system for network user accounts - Dept of Innovation & Information Economy (Master of IT)

When this project was conducted in 2nd semester 2003, Corporate and Executive Services was a program within the State Government’s Dept of Innovation and Information Economy, Sport and Recreation Queensland (DIIESRQ) – now Dept of State Development and Innovation. In partnership with staff, they develop the organisational capacity, systems and business processes needed to enable the Department to deliver its products and services.

A workgroup within this program identified the need for development of a web-based system for network user account creation. This new system would simplify the currently manual processes for authorising, setting up and managing user accounts, improve customer service, improve system security, improve level of user details gathered, reduce errors (due to automated checking/validation of application forms) and allow system administrators more time for higher value work.

Feras Moghdeb, a QUT Master of IT student undertook this project, under the supervision of Steve Perry and Angela Henderson from Corporate and Executive Services, DIIESRQ.

Feras’ project objectives were to:

· Identify all existing business processes directly related to the creation of network accounts

· Identify opportunities for the automation and improvement of these processes

· Develop an online system for the creation of network access

· Ensure all legal and audit obligations were met with respect to Information Privacy and Corporate Governance; and

· Ensure appropriate record keeping practices are in place, such that network account documents are properly recorded and managed

Steve Perry says that Feras “met the project outcomes perfectly”, by delivering an overall business process analysis, map and example web pages for an online application system for network user accounts. Steve also said “the project has been of great help for the Corporate IT area of DIIESRQ to visualise how such an online system might be accomplished. It helped clarify our current process issues as well as developing a process solution”.

Also according to Steve, Feras “was the perfect student for the project with his maturity, enthusiasm, commitment to work, confidence and communication skills”. Steve commented that it was “interesting to see how Feras’ opinion of the complexity of the project changed. His initial reaction was that a simple business process analysis would be easy and not enough work for his subject. He soon realised that trying to map undocumented business processes was far harder – especially dealing with people who assume levels of understanding that others might not have. Feras was very successful in getting people to articulate their business processes to enable mapping.”

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