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Past Project in Detail

Aust. Defence Force - Design of a Portable Lifting Device



Project ‘Bush Camel’ – Design of a Portable Lifting Device – Australian Defence Force (2 x Infomechatronics students)

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has been facing a problem with loading and unloading of 20ft (6.1m) ISO containers onto and off transport vehicles, especially in remote regions. Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) have previously been used to perform this task, however this equipment is greatly limited by proximity and availability. Increasing the number of MHE and modifications to existing vehicles (such as cranes and tilt trays) have been used in the past, however they are very expensive and do not address the root problem.

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Kluckhohn of Gallipoli Barracks at Enoggera commissioned this CEED project in order to find a better, more cost effective solution coupled with providing an interesting design project for final year Engineering students. Brett Salomon and Simon Au (Infomechatronics students at QUT) were appointed to the project in February. Their goal is to design and construct a prototype portable lifting device that meets or exceeds all functional, performance and technical specifications required by the Australian Army.

Brett and Simon have identified that their prototype must be light weight but stable enough to be used on ground that may not be totally level or hard, and must be able to be transported inside any vehicle intended to transport the containers. The students’ design must also conform to the ADF’s Technical Regulation of the Army Material Manual (TRAMM), and Army Technical Regulatory Framework (TRF) which will ensure that Brett and Simon’s design complies with Army requirements for technical integrity in the areas of fitness-for-service, safety, and environmental compliance.

Brett and Simon will be utilising Solidworks for the 3D modelling/Computer Aided Design work, and ANSYS or CosmosWorks for the Finite Element Analysis.

As at mid-April, Brett and Simon are progressing very well and are in the middle of the design phase. By the end of April, it is envisaged that fabrication of the prototype will commence.

Richard Kluckhohn commented recently “I’ve been extremely impressed with the way the students have approached the project and bounced ideas off each other, to overcome the inevitable issues that arise during this type of project”

The prototype is due for completion at end-June 2005.

Photo – L to R: Warrant Officer Nick Rees (Workshop Mgr), Simon Au, Brett Salomon, Lt. Colonel Richard Kluckhohn, in front of a large Army transport vehicle

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