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S'ware Eng/IT: implement repository for coding bugs (Java, Javascript, SQL)

Oracle Labs #2

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Open Posted: 19 Sep 17. Closes: 22 Nov 17 Available: Summer vac + Semester 1 (Dec - Jun)

Summer vacation + Semester 1 2018 project

Note: students must be able to enrol in thesis/project during Semester 1; as well available whole of summer vacation. These are requirements for this project.

This project will suit final year / Masters students in Software Engineering / Computer Science / IT - with strong programming skills (Java, Javascript, SQL - essential), experience with Unix-based systems, and a very solid understanding of data structures and algorithms (Grade 6 or 7 in relevant subject/s).

The successful applicant will receive a $6,000 scholarship + academic credit (24cps - QUT; 4 units - UQ).  You must be available to work on the project onsite for 3 days/week during semester 1; plus 5 days/week over the entire summer vacation period (excluding public holidays).

APPLICANTS NOTE: you must include your academic transcript/s inside your resume (undergrad + Masters if applicable) - before Oracle Labs will consider your application. Also include your student number.

Location: Brisbane CBD QLD
Categories: Information Technology, Electrical Engineering

Project Background / Description

Parfait is a static analysis tool which finds defects in C, C++, and Java programs. Parfait generates defect reports for multiple versions of a single codebase which are uploaded to the Parfait Server. The Server is a Java web application that manages the lifecycle of defects (e.g., the version a bug was introduced, what bug tracking ticket was assigned).

Recently, Oracle Labs introduced a new version of the report format that is used to send defect reports to the server. The new format contains much more information than its predecessor (e.g., source code entities, defect analysis metrics); however, the Parfait Server does not keep all of the new information and its data model is not optimised to store the new format. Introducing a new data model, and adding new features that take advantage of the new information available will be significantly beneficial for our team.

One useful new feature would be the management of metrics for defect reports including comparing metrics across reports.


About Oracle

Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems.  With more than 400,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—in more than 145 countries, Oracle provides a complete technology stack both in the cloud and in the data centre.

Oracle’s industry-leading cloud-based and on-premises solutions give customers complete deployment flexibility and unmatched benefits including application integration, advanced security, high availability, scalability, energy efficiency, powerful performance, and low total cost of ownership.

For more information about Oracle, visit

Oracle Labs

Oracle Labs is the research division of Oracle.  It focuses on applied research to produce new technologies of interest to the company.

Oracle Labs Australia (, based in Brisbane, specialises in Program Analysis in a variety of domains, including bug-checking, productivity tools, security analysis, testing, and more. The Brisbane team hit the headlines with its research on static code analysis that lead to scalable and precise bug-checking algorithms embedded in the Parfait tool.

How Oracle helps CEED students

We link you up with an experienced supervisor on the Brisbane team. Yes, you’ll have your own mentor! They will work closely with you, helping you grow your skills—really practical skills you can put to work in real-world situations.

Now, be prepared: working at Oracle Labs is not a holiday. The work can be hard—a real challenge sometimes. So you’ll need to buckle down. But it’s a great workplace. If you put in the hard yards with Oracle Labs, your résumé will go to the top of the pile in job applications. It’s your ticket to the future.

Objectives / Tasks / Project Outcomes

  • Scope the project based on the group’s interests/strengths and the requirements of Oracle Labs
  • Design and implement a new data model for the Parfait Server to optimise the storage of the new format of the defect reports
  • Design and implement the management of metrics for defect reports to be able to compare them across reports.
  • Write a detailed report on work done
  • Give a presentation to the group on work done

Skills / Experience Required

  • Experience with Java, JavaScript, and SQL is essential
  • Experience with C++ would be ideal
  • Excellent academic results
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Strong understanding of entity relationship diagrams
  • Strong understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Experience with Unix-based systems
  • Ability to work independently and in small groups

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