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The next 'round' of students available:  Semester 2 2020 (to commence late-July / August)

Talented University students are keen to find meaningful company or government-based vocational placement projects to complete as part of their studies - innovative, R&D, or continuous improvement-related projects are ideal.  

CEED students are able to complete company-based projects (as part of their vocational training and academic assessment). Ideally, 'host' companies are located in/around Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast - as the students need to attend lectures for 1-2 other subjects during semester periods.

Project Suitability

Size of project - a scope that is achievable within ~14 weeks, by a final year undergraduate or Masters level student available 3 days/week over that period (around lecture timetable).

Level of difficulty - projects should be achievable by a 1st year graduate (ie. first year after finishing Uni).

Research vs Practical projects - most projects offered to CEED students are 'practical' or R&D focused rather than highly intellectual/research-focused.  Projects usually arise from a company's need / problem they'd like solved and the ability for a student to gain training and experience (as well as academic outcomes) from the project. Extra 'academic' content may be added by the academic supervisor, to ensure project meets the student's assessment requirements.

Therefore, companies should aim to offer projects that will provide them with meaningful outcomes, whilst providing the student with a solid 'real world' training opportunity.  Companies must provide a supervisor / mentor for the student.  With these aims in mind, companies and students alike will achieve very good project outcomes.

Students Available via CEED (disciplines from University of Queensland ... and soon, Central Queensland University):

The range of students available are:

Engineering - final year and Masters students (UQ. CQU to come soon):  Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Materials, Mechatronics, Biomedical, Software, Computer Systems, Telecommunications, Power, Master of Engineering Science.  

Information Technology - final year and Masters students (UQ. CQU to come soon):  final year and Master of IT.

Timing options, Deadlines, Cost:

Students are available in line with the University semester timetable.  Choose the timing option (below) that best suits your project ... and register the details with CEED prior to the corresponding deadline, to start the recruitment process.

Student availability /
project timing (linked to University semesters):
Deadlines - Register Your 
Project/s with CEED by:
Project Fee, Payable by Company, per project 
Any time: if you already employ a student part-time and would like to sponsor them for their final year thesis / project via CEED, with all the CEED support and benefits for clients and students, there are two options available Deadlines apply as below, for relevant semester Email Deidre for options - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Semester 1: duration: late-February to end-June (~14 weeks @3 days/week)

Semester 1+2:  duration: late-February to end-October (~24 weeks @2 days/week) - some students are able to enrol in/complete a project over the 'whole year'. Excludes vacation period.


$10,250 - Semester 1; or

$13,250** - Semester 1+2
Semester 2: late-July to late-November (~14 weeks @3 days/week)

Closes 3 July.

Students work 3 days/week on-site with their host company throughout the project (or 2 days/week over two consecutive semesters). Once you register your project/s, CEED will commence and co-ordinate the advertising and recruitment process for you (so you can select a suitable student) One student per project.

Project fee is payable by company/client - invoiced only after a suitable student has been selected (by your company)

*   Project fee payable by company includes student scholarship, Insurances, co-supervision, CEED recruitment, management & training fee.

**  Extra $3,000 is added to the student scholarship, to compensate students for working over a longer period

How To Register / Source a CEED Student for Your Company Project:

Choose from 2 easy ways:

1. Click here – and complete the company/project registration form


2. Email 1-2 page project outline/s to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (template is available upon request)

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