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Past CEED students – where are they now?  Ben Masters (Engineering)

Two years ago Ben Masters, now a QUT Infomechatronics (aka Mechatronics) Engineering graduate, undertook a CEED project for ABP Allboards (ABP) – a small-medium manufacturer. After completing his degree, he soon found a graduate position with VR Solutions, as a Systems Engineer in a new technological environment.

Ben Masters (CEED graduate) 
 Ben Masters (CEED graduate - on right) pictured with
 Alisdair Paterson of VR Solutions

Ben took the Mechanical foundations from his multi-faceted Engineering degree and was challenged with a somewhat different manufacturing level in his CEED project with ABP. He completed a feasibility study and report for the company when they set their sights on targeting a new market for the company - providing customised portable toilets at events and venues.

He saw a pathway through research and used his enthusiasm for design to start from an empty shipping container. While his degree in Mechatronics was based more on the electrical side of engineering, he used his theoretical engineering and design competence to make a working prototype of ABP’s product idea.

This gave him not only experience in the manufacturing side of engineering, but presented him with the challenge of deadlines and reporting to his company supervisors/mentors. He also learnt time management and communication - skills he found central to his future employability.

Ben's post-graduate employment is somewhat more removed from the manufacturing process he encountered in his CEED project, but with VR Solutions' expansion into distribution, he has found his hands-on experience useful to his present role.  Ben says he always enjoyed working independently throughout his studies, so the communication with team members and supervisors during his CEED project gave him further confidence in his later engineering roles. Ben learnt a combination of self directed and collaborative work styles that he now brings to his interactions with project managers at VR Solutions.

His current role as a Systems Engineer incorporates his passion for design work in both simulations and visualisations for commercial, government and military clients.  As a company, VR Solutions specialises in designing and providing sophisticated virtual reality, simulation, and training technologies to their clients.

 VR Solutions - Malaysian design centre project
 Above: an example of a project delivered by VR Solutions.  
 Pictured is the Multi-media Design Centre in Malaysia

His work involves an understanding of both the Mechanical base of each product, plus complete knowledge of its design. VR Solutions also takes on a distributor's role, so system integration is also an important part of the company's success.

Part of Ben’s work involves interfacing with the company’s clients and resellers. Ben finds enjoyment from his design competence and seamless transition from University studies in Mechatronics engineering to his design work with his current firm.

Ben was linked to his current role due to CEED’s business and student network
– VR Solutions had previously worked with CEED and Ben had only just finished his own project weeks before landing his role with VR Solutions. CEED also prepared him with skills for attending job interviews by arranging an informal meeting with ABP before he was selected for the project – it was Ben’s first experience of a job interview.

Ben advises future students to match their own skills to a CEED project, for the great vocational and practical experience it offers.

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