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by students, for companies...

Great project outcomes in 2012 - by students, for companies

CEED is privileged to see a lot of great students and project outcomes, and sometimes we forget that not everyone knows how great our students are!  So, to spread the word, here are a few examples of 2012's outstanding project results - delivered by Uni students for their host companies.


  • Katy:  conducted quantitative and qualitative market research on a segment of the mining sector, in order to identify niche sectors worth targeting by the company.  Involved desktop research, and surveys, development and validation of a model via interviews.

Mechanical / Mechatronics Engineering / Engineering Management: 

  • Soobin & Miho: worked on the introduction of lean manufacturing to a locomotive manufacturing plant. Recommendations gave an estimated reduction in labour cost of 10%.

  • Gregory: designed a conversion of refurbished Iroquois helicopter blade boxes for efficient transport of ARH Tiger helicopter rotor blades.

  • Christian: developed a Knowledge Based Engineering System that reduces professional design time per job from 8 hours to 30 minutes, with improved accuracy and standardisation.

  • Maria: optimised the mill grind for extract recovery for wort production in the brewing process for a large brewery. She exceeded the project target with a potential annual cost saving of $400,000.

  • Clemence: worked on the introduction of lean manufacturing principles to improve productivity on a specific production line. When fully implemented her recommendations are expected to yield a 15% increase in productivity at lower cost.

  • Joe: designed and developed a prototype casing for a proprietary chlorine generator.

  • Andrew: developed a Machine Protection Module for large mining equipment, to enable maintenance and other machine data to be monitored remotely. His work is leading to a company build of the module, for introduction via the company's clients.

  • Jennifer: researched, designed and built a Visual Performance Measurement system for two production lines. The result: “she did a fantastic job at implementing a new system within our workforce from which we will gain valuable information”. The VPM will now be extended factory wide and to all shifts.

Mining Engineering:

  • Seva: assessed the economic viability of a small NSW tungsten deposit and developed a mining plan.

  • Denon: developed a 3D model of a vein type tungsten-tin deposit in southern NSW and optimised a future drill program.

Electrical / Electronics / Power Engineering:

  • Ragnee: she not only designed a Radio Scales System for a parcel handling facility to be installed on fork lifts - but went on to fabricate and install circuit boards. The new system was successfully operating at Brisbane Airport before the conclusion of her project. Plans are underway to extend the new system Australia wide, very quickly.

  • Joseph: produced a Moducell Workbook and Bill of Materials improvement for LV (low voltage) motor control centres at the company. Feedback from the company was very positive and his work is being implemented to improve production.

  • Credan: produced a mechanical design for a new transportable power substation.

  • Bianca: developed a new simulation model for process control equipment that will improve the company’s capability to deliver specialist services.

Civil / Environmental Engineering:

  • Jessica: developed several business cases for the implementation of Energy Efficiency Initiatives at a specific site. Some of these initiatives have been implemented and others approved for implementation. Savings are significant and feedback from the company was excellent.

  • Cyrus: designed and costed recommendations for improving rail bridge embankment structures – in order to avoid soil subsidence problems. Cyrus also organised and conducted a field trial of his favoured recommendation – including a rail line closure for one day.

Information Technology / Business Process Management:

  • Timothy:  developed a (software) Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) that will be used internally by the software development company. They expect to later package the code for sale. A spokesperson for the company said this area of development has huge commercial potential for the company in the near future.

  • Ji-Won and Ali: these young men made an interesting team, one working on BPM processes and the other on the technical back-end. Their product was: a Real time cloud-based business activity monitoring system. The system was tested and fully functional at handover. This was a significant achievement, so much so that the company may enter this project for the International Guidewire Awards. Previous CEED students have won this prestigious award.

  • Lawrence:  mapped the 'as is' and 'to be' workflow / information flow and processes.  The company is preparing for a large ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system implementation.

  • Raini and Elliot:  conducted feasibility and user requirements studies for the development of a) knowledge management system/intranet and b) iphone/ipad/mobile device application for use by internal stakeholders (now) and external stakeholders (future). Studies included user requirements and recommendations for functionality and technical specifications.  Information will allow company to make informed business decisions and follow the development path, with good information.

  • Huining: constructed a new MS Sharepoint platform for corporate collaboration / knowledge management.

  • Leo: re-designed three web sites into a cogent new site for the business, incorporating new navigation, branding and content.

  • Ruokai: developed a mobile software application for the graduate careers program within a large insurance company.

  • David: undertook novel research on Social Network Behaviour classification with particular relevance to filtering material harmful to children on social media.


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