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CEED Students at work - Bundaberg, Toowoomba

Among the students who commenced their CEED projects over the summer vacation period, two students are working with new clients in regional Queensland.

Graham Willett, CEED Program Director, visited the companies in January to review their students' progress.  Here are a few details and photos of what these students are achieving for their company hosts - Bundaberg Sugar (Bundaberg), and The Davey Group (Toowoomba).


1.  Bundaberg:  Bundaberg Sugar - Review of Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS)

A leader in the Australian Sugar industry since 1882, Bundaberg Sugar is a company well known to many Australians.

The CEED student selected for this project is Azayel Calderon Valdes (Master of Engineering Management student, QUT).  He arrived in Bundaberg early December to begin working on-site.  He'll continue working in Bundaberg through til late February, when he'll return to Brisbane to commence Uni.  Azayel will keep working on the project through to June.  It is anticipated he'll need to make a couple of short trips back to Bundaberg during semester, but he'll be able to work around his other subjects, to do so.

Bundaberg Sugar.Azayel Caldron.2010

The company's project objectives are to identify where each part of Bundaberg Sugar and Millaquin Mill's Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) fits within Australian Standard AS4801 and then recommend what areas need to be addressed, to ensure full implementation of the Standard. 

Right now, Azayel is reviewing the various elements of the company's OHSMS and the documentation available.  This includes Safety and Human Resources documentation, as well as corresponding procedures, policies, formats, and presentations.

Pictured (L to R): Graham Willett (CEED), Azayel Calderon Valdes (CEED student), Miranda Farrar and David Pickering (Bundaberg Sugar)


2.  Toowoomba:  The Davey Group - Machine Re-design

Marty Leicht (final year Mechanical Engineering student, USQ) was appointed to this project in early December.  He'll be working on his project on-site in Toowoomba right through until June.

Davey AFM is part of the Davey Group - a well established, family operated business located in Toowoomba.  The company manufactures heavy duty, reliable, multi-purpose tillage equipment for the farming/agricultural industry.

Davey AFM.Marty Leicht.2010The company's project objectives are to conduct a re-design of tillage machines, to provide for new product customisation for farmers, and ease of transport.

Marty will review the existing product drawings and all of their components, then he'll analyse how the machine can be re-designed in a modular or component format ... while accommodating the multi-dimensional, multi-axis movement demands required by customers.

In re-designing the machine, transport will have a major impact on design.  A larger machine requires more effort to load for transport and incurs higher transport costs (escorts required, etc).  This cost soon adds up for the customer, and can make it an expensive exercise just to get the machine from the factory to the property.  Therefore logically, the new design will significantly reduce these costs for the customer.

Pictured above (L to R):  Malcolm MacKellar (Davey AFM), Marty Leicht (CEED student), and Dr Selvan Pather (academic supervisor; Head of Discipline: Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, USQ).

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