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CEED Graduate success story...


Business owner credits CEED for headstart in engineering

From starting out as an electrician in his father’s business, Gil Rhodes is pursuing his dream of building his own electrical engineering business consultancy. Gil reflects on the value of mentoring and shared experiences that supported his professional development along the way.

In 2000, Gil completed a 12-month (extended) CEED project with Energex.  The project involved providing a detailed specification of the company’s in house developed Substation Voltage / Var Regulation software package.  Gil produced a comprehensive reference document detailing the structure and operation of the program and a specification document that was then used as a guide for the software developers in future development.

Gil Rhodes - CEED graduate, 2000 

 Pictured above, Gil Rhodes (CEED graduate, 2000) during his time
 working at Callide power station in Central Queensland.

The experience opened up the world of practicalities of working in the engineering world by seeing firsthand how the dynamics of an engineering department come together.  He credits CEED for giving him a head start in the engineering industry.

“The CEED program is built around the principle of mentoring that benefited my training as well as gaining some industry based, hands on experience that boosted my university credentials,”  said Gil.

“Working with Energex on this project early in my career gave me the opportunity to bring effectiveness to my work through that experience.  I also gained direct knowledge about high voltage networks and power distribution through a supply authority,” added Gil.

Gil completed his Electrical and Computing Engineering degree as a mature age student in 2000.  The decision to change direction came from a desire to further his career opportunities in the electrical industry.  On completion of his degree he worked hard to gain diverse experience by taking on various senior and lead engineering roles across the brewing, manufacturing, mining, water, gas and power industries.

Ten years on, Gil is in the next stage of growing his own business, AGR Electrical Engineering.  With a vision to grow the business, Gil’s next steps are to gain participation in some major infrastructure projects in the water or renewable energy industries and employ some high quality engineers to help provide the best engineering solutions for the future.

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